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Buying Lead for LED Light Bar

1. Definition of Led Light Bar

LED light bar is a strip of High Lumen LED lights which can be applied to off-road vehicle, 4x4 auto mobiles and construction equipment, etc.

Led Bars has been more and more popular among off-road enthusiasts such as Jeep lovers, because of their high brightness, energy saving and long life span, which do great help to the safety for off-road driving in dark nights.

Buying Lead for LED Light Bar

2. Advantages of Led Light Bar

When comes to Auto Light Led Bar, people may also think of halogen lights & HID lamps, which are also widely used in cars and motors. Then what’s the difference, or say, advantages of Led Light Bars from them ?

2.1 Durability and Life-span

In a competitive manner, halogen lights are currently the cheapest and simplest, while also the weakest, HID lights are relatively better than halogens in durability, the most durable lights are still led lights, with an average life-span for over 30,000 hours, while HID functions 15,000 hours as an average.

2.2 Replacement and Maintenance

As auxiliary lights, led light bars are usually easier for Installation and maintenance, while Halogen and HID Lights often requires whole-circuit dis-assembly and replacement. Moreover, Juntu also offers wide choices for matching proper Led Bar Mounting Brackets.

2.3 Brightness

For lights, brightness are always the most important factor, with the same power, Led Light Bars are usually times of lumens than HID and halogen lights, Juntu Led Light Bar applies CREE Led Chips, which shines at en effective lumen 70-100lm/w.

Buying Lead for LED Light Bar

2.4 Battery Power Saving

When you are driving off-road with limited access to gas station or power supplies, you would realize the value of energy and power. Then, is it great to have an Led Light Bar with high brightness lighten up the road while saving battery power at the same time ?

2.5 Do good to the Environment

You are not only an off-road racer but also enthusiasts for environment protection, right ? Then try Led Light Bars rather than traditional bulbs which may contain various of hazardous materials such as carbon, mercury and even fragile materials like glasses as a potential threat to children’s safety once broken.

Main Specification of Led Light Bars

3.1 LED Chips of Led Light Bar

It’s widely acknowledged in the industry that currently the USA made CREE Led Chips are the best in quality, brightness and function stability, most of Juntu Led Light Bars are using CREE Chips.

While also, some customers may hesitate for the led bar purchase plan because of the high cost with CREE Led Bar. No worries, we have same series led bar with Epistar or Osram chips for your choice, which are less expensive and enjoy good customer feedback. JT-2600/JT-2700 series led light bar provides 3 led chips option: CREE/ Epistar/ Osram

Buying Lead for LED Light Bar

3.2 Beam Pattern: Spot, Flood, or Combo ?

Both for Led Light Bars and Led Lights, there is one spec called beam pattern, which is generally summarized as below sheet, normally Spot Beam and some times combo beam are Recommended for 4x4 vehicles driving light, while flood beams are mostly used as work lights in machine equipment.

Buying Lead for LED Light Bar

3.3 Length of Led Light Bar ?

Led Light Bars are always designed in series, with a length range from 4inch to 55inch, the frequently used are 4”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 50”, etc.

Make sure you choose the right led bars according to the dimension of your loved vehicles.

LED Light Bar Size

3.4 Rows of Led Light Bar

Single Row, Double Row or Quad Row Led Light Bar, the choice is always up to you, although, Double Row seems to be the main selection for most customers while Single Row Led Bar is still in rising demand.

Buying Lead for LED Light Bar

3.5 Color Temperature of Led Light Bar

The most frequently used led Light bars are with 6500K white light, however, still amber, blue or red color bars are in demand for special needs. For example, bars with amber light have the advantage of fog penetrating in bad weather, Juntu Amber Led Light Bar is a series which are designed for this occasion.

Buying Lead for LED Light Bar

There are also many other specs like Voltage Range (9-32V DC/9-60V DC, etc.), Water Resistance IP Rating (IP65 /IP 66/ IP 67/ IP 68, etc.) and collectors (with DT or not ?) you should consider before making the right decision.

If you have any questions or further inquiries, just feel free to Email Simon who will provide you with professional suggestions and buying lead for Led Light Bars.

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